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What does the signup process involve

The process is as follows:

  1. You think of a script if posible (but we can help when you place the order if you are unsure of anything)
  2. Place the order
  3. We create the sound files on a seperate development number
  4. You listen to and approve the sound files
  5. The recordings are moved across to your dmSwitchBoard number

How do I place my order for ProVoiceOver?

You can initiate an order for ProVoiceOver by Email, Phone or from your Clubhouse. For more detais see the signup page.

It is useful if you have thought up a script for the different parts of your voiceovers, but we can help when you place your order if you are not sure about anything.

What are the costs?

  • Our standard service of 10 prompts is £60.00 + VAT and has a turnaround time of up to 10 working days. (Every additional set of 5 prompts thereafter is charged at £30.00 + VAT.)
  • Should you wish to arrange for the prompts sooner, you may select the Express service with a turnaround of 2 working days at an additional cost of £30.00 + VAT.

Who does the Voice Recordings?

We use a professional Voice Artist who is able to record quite a variety of voice styles. Although we have 8 standard styles specified, she is capable of many more. If you have a specific requirement, just ask.

Why do I need a development number?

We prefer to do all development work on a separate number so that it does not interrupt your business. Once we're happy with the prompts, they can simply be moved across to your real number.

How many prompts can I have in one script?

Our standard service allows for the recording of up to 10 prompts in one script in the voice style of your choice. Every 5 prompts thereafter is charged at £30.00 + VAT.

What constitutes 1 prompt?

There are 4 types on prompts you can record
  1. an Entry Greeting
  2. an entire Reception Greeting
  3. a Department greeting
  4. an Information greeting
Please Note: Department and Information greetings which are longer than 2 lines (on the script page) count as more than 1 prompt (1 prompt per 2 lines)

Can I record any script I like?

Any prompts you require can be recorded, provided that they do not contain: - Adult Material - Well known brands - unless accompanied by a letter of authorisation - Abuse, or any other terms which may cause offence

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