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Don't let voicemail drive business away, let our friendly Live Answering Service answer your telephone calls !

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Missing phone calls is bad for business. As even the most dedicated entrepreneur cannot be in two places at once and available 24-7, missing telephone calls is also inevitable. Voicemail helps, but too often makes you look small and unprofessional; and just how many people hang up at the first squeak of an answerphone!

When you've worked hard to generate new business, tailoring your services and market positioning, and perfecting your advertising, don't ruin all that effort by relying on customers to talk to an answerphone. When it comes to your sales process, don't let the way callers are answered be the weakest link.

dmAnswers icon Our Live Answering Service service provides the solution. Our Live Answering Service is an outsourced professional answering service that is so affordable that it's within the reach of any business. A trained telephone operator is like having your own receptionist that answers your calls when you cannot answer them yourself (or simply don't want to), answering in your company name in the way that you specify. Instead of getting a dreaded answerphone, callers are greeted by a polite professional operator, expert at coaxing even hesitant callers to leave a message and their contact details to ensure you don't miss and messages or lose any leads. These messages are instantly sent to you by fake watches email and SMS.

Not convinced that our Live Answering Service could help? Let the statistics speak ...

  • 70% of callers hang up on hearing voicemail. Of these, most callers are potential new customers (existing customers are more talkative on voicemail, as they already have a relationship with you)
  • Compared to voicemail, more than twice as many callers leave messages with our Live Answering Service.

Messages left with our Live Answering Service are very focussed and never omit important contact details. Unlike the sort of rambling racket that all too often gets left on voicemail. Our Live Answering Service operators are chosen for having 'good people skills', and are trained to take messages that are short but meaningful.

The bottom line

The way your calls are answered says a lot about your company.

Our Live Answering Service helps you do better business by:

  1. Giving new caller's (often potential customers) a better first impression
  2. Making them more eager to do buisness with you
  3. Leading to increased sales closures
  4. And even allowing you to charge more

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