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Telephone Answering Service

Don't let voicemail drive business away, let our friendly Telephone Answering Service answer your telephone calls !

Telephone Answering Service

Missing phone calls is bad for business. As even the most dedicated entrepreneur cannot be in two places at once and available 24-7, missing telephone calls is also inevitable. Voicemail helps, but too often makes you look small and unprofessional; and just how many people hang up at the first squeak of an answerphone!

When you've worked hard to generate new business, tailoring your services and market positioning, and perfecting your advertising, don't ruin all that effort by relying on customers to talk to an answerphone. When it comes to your sales process, don't let the way callers are answered be the weakest link.

Telephone Answering Service Our Telephone Answering Service service provides the solution. Our Telephone Answering Service is an outsourced professional answering service that is so affordable that it's within the reach of any business. A trained telephone operator is like having your own receptionist that answers your calls when you cannot answer them yourself (or simply don't want to), answering in your company name in the way that you specify. Instead of getting a dreaded answerphone, callers are greeted by a polite professional operator, expert at coaxing even hesitant callers to leave a message and their contact details to ensure you don't miss and messages or lose any leads. These messages are instantly sent to you by email and SMS.

Not convinced that our Telephone Answering Service could help? Let the statistics speak ...

  • 70% of callers hang up on hearing voicemail. Of these, most callers are potential new customers (existing customers are more talkative on voicemail, as they already have a relationship with you)
  • Compared to voicemail, more than twice as many callers leave messages with our Telephone Answering Service.

Messages left with our Telephone Answering Service are very focussed and never omit important contact details. Unlike the sort of rambling racket that all too often gets left on voicemail. Our Telephone Answering Service operators are chosen for having 'good people skills', and are trained to take messages that are short but meaningful.

The bottom line

The way your calls are answered says a lot about your company.

Our Telephone Answering Service helps you do better business by:

  1. Giving new caller's (often potential customers) a better first impression
  2. Making them more eager to do buisness with you
  3. Leading to increased sales closures
  4. And even allowing you to charge more

Telephone Answering Service

The business case for our Telephone Answering Service and your bottom line

Our Telephone Answering Service vs Voicemail

By the time a potential customer has found your number and picked up the phone, you are pretty close to winning their business. That's why it's vital that all calls are handled professionally; too many businesses create a less than ideal first impression, not to mention give away their size, by leaving the way calls are handled to chance (or, as it's sometimes called, voicemail).

Our Telephone Answering Service makes sound business sense

1: New callers get a better first impression. New callers will assume that you conduct business with the same professionalism that you answer their first call. They're judging you, so don't blow it!

2: People will prefer to do business with you because you are easier to do business with. Callers never get an impersonal answersphone, and you are much more likely to get their message.

3: All this means more sales. Unlike voicemail which drives sales leads away, our Telephone Answering Service allows you to fully capilalise on sales leads generated by your advertising, leading to increased sales closure and therfore increased profitability.

4: You may even be able to charge more. By giving callers a better experience, our Telephone Answering Service increases the perceived quality of your customer service, meaning that you may be able to charge more. Remember that people are often prepared to pay a premium for quality and reliabilty, believing that they will save time and money in the long run.

The alternatives: poor (and costing you sales) or too expensive to make sense

Voicemail is fine for individual use, but for serious businesses just doesn't cut the mustard: many people don't like leaving messages, and will simply call one of your competitors instead.

So why not hire a full time secretary? Small businesses experience much more irregular call patterns than large ones. Sometimes days go by with no new leads; at other times three prospects call in a single afternoon. Potential customers, however, do not appreciate this: what they're after is professional service from a company they can depend on, and their early impressions of you will depend on how well you answer their first call.

Our Telephone Answering Service is the perfect solution for the business that cannot afford of justify employing a full time secretary, but appreciates the need to give all callers the best impression. Translated into profits, our Telephone Answering Service ensures that sales leads don't get away, making it good for your bottom line.

The Telephone Answering Service difference: before and after stories

Before Getting the Telephone Answering Service After Getting the Telephone Answering Service

We found it hard to hold sensible company meetings, because with predictable inevitability a ringing phone would always interrupt.

We knew that people don't like talking to answer phones, so would answer anyway, but the constant interruptions had negative consequences as far as getting things decided and getting things done.

By using the Telephone Answering Service we can safely ignore phone calls during company meetings, knowing that they will be professionally answered anyway. As a result we can concentrate more easily and our meetings are much more focussed.

As the message is delivered immediately, our MD just has to check his mobile to see who's calling and why. If the matter is urgent we can call back immediately, but usually we'll respond to the message after finishing the meeting.
Every time I was unavailable or in a meeting with a client I was distracted, constantly fretting about missing calls. The Telephone Answering Service gave me peace of mind. In the first week I get 8 messages I wouldn't have received if I'd relied on voicemail.

What's more, the quality of the messages is much better: instead of rambling voicemail messages that you have to listen to again and again just to get the phone number, our Telephone Answering Service gives me concise clear messages, with contact details available at a glance.
I used to dread going on holidays as customers might see my business 'go dead.' Now I get texts, whenever I'm on holiday I can return calls to key customers.

When you first get the Telephone Answering Service, the scary thing is you finally discover just how many calls you've been missing!
I was having a real problem as my business was growing. It looked as if I was going to have to hire a secretary, without having the resources to pay for one! The Telephone Answering Service provided a much more affordable solution to the problem of missing important calls.
Our business is web based, but customers missed having a phone number they could call with and a person to talk to at the other end. Now when they call us our Telephone Answering Service receptionist gives them that reasurring 'big company' feel.

Telephone Answering Service

Call flow diagram

You're always in full control

Initial set up

When you first sign up to our Telephone Answering Service you supply a range of basic details:

  • your company name
  • your preferred greeting for callers
  • a call back time expectation: the timeframe in which the operator will tell a caller you'll get back to them
  • The email address you want messages sent to
  • The number on which you want to receive messages by SMS

Telephone Answering Service You are then supplied with a private Telephone Answering Service number, to which any of your phones can be diverted. You control how the divert works - whether it's automatic or only activated when any of your public numbers is unreachable or remains unanswered after several rings.

When our Telephone Answering Service answers ...

Greta Greeta A skilled professional answers calls in your company name using your preferred greeting, and takes the caller's name, number and a short message. You receive immediate notification (including the caller's message and contact details) by email and SMS.

Your business sounds bigger. You never miss important calls, and are more likely to capitalise on new sales leads.

Telephone Answering Service

Our Telephone Answering Service' pricing at a glance
Monthly subscription £19.50 (includes 15 free messages per month)
Message costs £1.25 each (after your first 15 free messages have been used up in any month)
Sign up fee £0.00 (sign up is free)
All prices exclude V.A.T.

Affordable, dependable, and essential for businesses

Our Telephone Answering Service is much more affordable than employing a dedicated secretary. The service starts at £19.50 a month, including 15 free messages.

Our Telephone Answering Service features fixed cost messaging: additional messages cost £1.25 each, no matter how long the caller keeps the Telephone Answering Service operator on the phone. This allows you to budget for our Telephone Answering Service far more easily than you could for answering services that charge by the minute.

Minimum period: Unless you exercise the money back guarantee the minimum subscription period is two full calender months beyond the first part month. The first part month is charges pro-rata, with pro-rata free messages.

Money back guarantee: You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel the service within 10 days of sign up (provided that your service usage totals less than £5). We can afford to do this because our customers rarely cancel!

Happy sales lead Cancellation: If for any reason you decide you no longer need our Telephone Answering Service, you can cancel the service at any time after the first two full calendar months have elapsed. Cancellation takes effect at the end of the month (as long as you notify us at least 2 working days before the end of the month).

Confidentiality and reliability

Confidentiality: Your messages remain private, and your customers never know that they are not talking to a secretary sitting in your premises.

Reliability: The people who answer your calls are skilled professionals. Many are also employed by blue chip companies.

You're still the experts

You're the best person to talk about you business. Our Telephone Answering Service does not pretend to be an expert on your business, but steps into the breach at those times you cannot answer them yourself.

Our Telephone Answering Service provides peace of mind at those times when you are not available ... when you're at lunch, in a meeting, abroad on business, unwell, on holiday, or simply already on the phone ... and ensures that you don't lose those sales leads. And that makes sound business sense, however you look at it.

High quality, responsive product support

If you ever have any questions which the online FAQs don't address (or if you simply want someone to explain something) you are welcome to pick up the phone to talk to the experts on our support desk.

Alternatively, use our web 'support ticket' system to submit queries by email. All support queries are quickly answered.

Finally, on the rare occasions that we make a mistake we'll admit it, correct it, and take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen twice. We achieve such high quality because we care about our customers.

Telephone Answering Service

Save the sales lead

The power of our Telephone Answering Service is just four hours away

You can have our Telephone Answering Service up and running in just four working hours. So what are you waiting for: start saving your sales leads from the voicemail blues!

You need to have a dmNumber before you can signup for our Telephone Answering Service, but you can get a personal 07005x number for free, alternatively a wide range of pay for numbers such as 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871 and 0207 are also available. For an explanation of the types of numbers available take a look at the Numbers page. If you already know the type of number you want you can go straight to the Number Signup page.

Once you have signed up or if you have already registered, please login to the Clubhouse, once you have logged in you will see the links to signup for our Telephone Answering Service such as the one shown below:

Telephone Answering Service Signup


What happens after you signup for our Telephone Answering Service ?

Signing up for the benefits of our Telephone Answering Service is easy. We'll have your customised professional answering service ready to take calls in virtually no time at all !

When you place an order:
As soon as you order Your can see your account details and controls online
Within 2 working hours You are allocated your Telephone Answering Service number
Within 4 working hours You receive a confirmation call from our customer service representatives
Then... Our Telephone Answering Service is ready to use



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