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dmAnswers' pricing at a glance
Monthly subscription £19.50 (includes 15 free messages per month)
Message costs £1.25 each (after your first 15 free messages have been used up in any month)
Sign up fee £0.00 (sign up is free)
All prices exclude V.A.T.

Affordable, dependable, and essential for businesses

dmAnswers is much more affordable than employing a dedicated secretary. The service starts at £19.50 a month, including 15 free messages.

dmAnswers features fixed cost messaging: additional messages cost £1.25 each, no matter how long the caller keeps the dmAnswers operator on the phone. This allows you to budget for dmAnswers far more easily than you could for answering services that charge by the minute.

Minimum period: Unless you exercise the money back guarantee the minimum subscription period is two full calender months beyond the first part month. The first part month is charges pro-rata, with pro-rata free messages.

Money back guarantee: You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel the service within 10 days of sign up (provided that your service usage totals less than £5). We can afford to do this because our customers rarely cancel!

Happy sales lead Cancellation: If for any reason you decide you no longer need dmAnswers, you can cancel the service at any time after the first two full calendar months have elapsed. Cancellation takes effect at the end of the month (as long as you notify us at least 2 working days before the end of the month).

Confidentiality and reliability

Confidentiality: Your messages remain private, and your customers never know that they are not talking to a secretary sitting in your premises.

Reliability: The people who answer your calls are skilled professionals. Many are also employed by blue chip companies.

You're still the experts

You're the best person to talk about you business. dmAnswers does not pretend to be an expert on your business, but steps into the breach at those times you cannot answer them yourself.

dmAnswers provides peace of mind at those times when you are not available ... when you're at lunch, in a meeting, abroad on business, unwell, on holiday, or simply already on the phone ... and ensures that you don't lose those sales leads. And that makes sound business sense, however you look at it.

High quality, responsive product support

If you ever have any questions which the online FAQs don't address (or if you simply want someone to explain something) you are welcome to pick up the phone to talk to the experts on our support desk.

Alternatively, use our web 'support ticket' system to submit queries by email. All support queries are quickly answered.

Finally, on the rare occasions that we make a mistake we'll admit it, correct it, and take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen twice. We achieve such high quality because we care about our customers.

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