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07D Personal Phone Numbers

All dmClub phone numbers benefit from the regular dm features such as call forwarding, call hunting, voice to email, Fax to Email, free virtual switchboard, optional live answering service etc For more information on these features please take a look at the Features page and the FAQ page.

07D Numbers

07D Personal phone numbers are provided totally Free to you and can be forwarded to any UK landline and also certain other countries. With a personal 07D number you don´t have the hassle of having to give everyone your home, office and mobile numbers and they don´t have the hassle of having to work out which one you are currently on ! They can just call your 07D number and all of your numbers can be tried in turn until it finds you. If you don't answer any of them a voicemail system will take a message and deliver it to you as an email attachment or you can listen to it over your phone, or if you opt for the free virtual switchboard the call will be handled but diverting to other numbers or voicemail according to how you have setup the virtual switchboard to work. You can also have a Free 07D fax number, this can forward faxes to a fax machine or delivered as an email attachment to you. 07-D personal phone numbers don't cost you anything, no setup fees, no monthly or annual fees and no call charges to you as the receiver of the calls. Please pefer to the relevant phone carrier for the price the caller pays to call a 07D personal number (e.g. BT, Virgin/Telewest/NTL etc) Order an 07D Number


Costs for 07D Numbers

  • A Low Cost Solution for 07D Numbers - There is no charge for having a 07D number on dmVoice, dmFax or dmSwitchboard so long as your price plan is selected as Base (Bas). If you expect higher call volumes and determine it is better value for you to upgrade from the Base (Bas) price plan to either the Professional (Pro) or Enterprise (Ent) price plans you can upgrade to the Professional (Pro) plan or the Enterprise (Ent) plan. Remember though that call forwarding to many destinations is free for a 07D number anyway, so first check out the call cost explorer below.

  • No Setup Fee for 07D Numbers - There is no setup fee if your 07D numbers whatever service and call plan you select.

  • Competitive Call Forwarding Pricing for 07D Numbers - Some calls to 07D are forwarded to you at no charge to you, for other calls you pay the cost of forwarding the call to your phone(s). Whether the calls are free or how much they will cost will depend on several factors such as whether the destination number is a UK or foreign phone number, a mobile or a fixed line and if it is a mobile what network. To work out if particular calls to your 07D number are free, or what the forwarding cost per minute is to a particular phone please use the Call Cost Calculator below, some examples are already given but you can enter your own destination numbers to check the cost to forward your calls to you to a particular number.

  • Gold Number Fee for some 07D Numbers - A gold number is one with an especially desireable number sequence for which a one off extra fee is charged. There is no such fee for ordinary non-gold numbers. You can see if a gold number fee applies, and if so the cost, next to the number when choosing your 07D number.

Use the call cost calculator to check how much it will cost to forward the calls made to your 07D number on to you desination number. As shown by the calculator the cost may vary according to when the call is made, the destination location and whether the desination number is a landline or mobile. The prices shown assume the 07D number is on the dmConnect service at the daytime rate by default.

By selecting "Full Cost Mode" you can see the overall cost of a call to a particular number for the duration you choose.

Note that all prices on this page exclude VAT.

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Once you have finished selecting your number(s) click on the trolley to proceed to checkout.
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