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UM Features

How do I use Unified Messaging ?

  • When you signup you get two 07005x telephone numbers, one for Voice calls and one for Fax calls.
  • When someone calls one of your numbers, our server diverts the call to your chosen phone.
  • If you don't answer the call, we take a message, or receive a fax, and send it to your email address.
  • Unlike like some 08xx numbers, 07005x numbers can be accessed internationally - just like a UK landline.
  • If that's not enough, Unified Messaging also comes with total WWW control, program hunting, personalised answer messages and more. See the User Guide for details of these Advanced Features.

How is Unified Messaging Useful ?

In General
  • All your messages, voice, fax and email, arrive in one place - your email address
  • Listen to your messages from any phone when away from your Internet access.
  • Divert your voice calls to any UK landline or mobile - for free
  • Divert your fax calls to any UK fax machine - for free
  • You don't need a phone at all to receive voice and fax messages
  • Your Voice and Fax numbers are yours, for free, for life.
  • Control all your communications on the internet, or over the phone, whichever suits you best
  • CLI enabed - See who´s calling or who has called with your caller display or dialling 1471.

At home

  • Relieve overworked phone lines
  • If your phone is engaged, your Voice or Fax number takes a message for you. Each member of your household can have their own Voice and Fax numbers
  • Safe to surf on your only phone line. Get your messages immediately, even if your surfing the Net when someone calls
  • Keep the same number when you move home. Your Voice and Fax numbers are yours for life, and can be diverted at any time, to any UK landline or mobile - for free

In the Office

In General:

  • Have a central permanent record of your messages
  • When moving offices or changing your phone number, just divert your Voice and Fax numbers to your new office number - no need to change your stationery

Small Businesses:

  • Give the impression of a big business with a dedicated fax number
  • Never have an unavailable fax machine, never have a busy phone line

Large Businesses:

  • Control all your messages, we can also provide you with a central record of all your messages, so you are in control
  • Provide personal Voice and Fax numbers for all of your staff, with personalised voicemail messages

On the Move

National Travellers:

  • When you're out of reach, rest assured you'll still get your voice, fax and email messages as emails
  • When you are moving around you can have a copy of all your messages with you, not just the new ones immediately as they arrive, but also the old ones
  • You won't miss any calls if you temporarily divert your Voice number to any phone near you

Global Travellers:

  • Anywhere in the world, collect all your voice, fax and email messages at once just by checking your email
  • Collect all your messages without making expensive international phone calls
  • With your voice and fax messages in email format, you can easily delegate and forward all your communications immediately and effectively, even if you are working across different time zones

It´s Free !

Theres No contract, No message charges, No divert charges and No bills How can we do this for free ? We are a communications company and we make a little money on calls to 070xxx numbers.

How much will callers pay?
Unified Messaging numbers are not premium rate numbers. Calls to 07050 numbers from a BT landline are charged at the BT 'K' rate - which is 12.5p, 25p, 37.5p incl VAT (weekends, night, day) pence per minute before discount. Calls from other types of phones are approximately the same as calling a mobile phone. Please note: the cost of calling 07050 numbers is very shortly falling to 10.5, 22, 32p/min

Total Control on the Internet

You can control your Voice and Fax numbers by logging into dmClub. Your personal controls allow you to:

  • Setup your divert phone numbers
  • change your PIN
  • Change your email forwarding address
  • Enable/ disable your mailbox
  • Change you fax ID
  • Check an index of all the messages you have received

Online Support
With our online User Guide you can find the answers to common questions at any time. Or contact us by email for fast, efficient technical support

Technical Specifications

  • Two, free for life, 070x0 numbers, one for Voice and one for Fax
  • Free live call divert to any UK landline or mobile
  • Free voice and fax message forwarding to email
  • 070x0 can be dialled from outside the UK, unlike some 08xxx numbers
  • 070x0 numbers were not affected by Year 2000 area code changes
  • Full WWW control of 070x0 numbers
  • View faxes and playback voice messages over the phone or with software freely available on the internet, or already on your PC/Mac
  • Record your own voicemail message
  • Program divert: set your 070x0 number to hunt for you on your mobile, at the office and at home
  • Voicemail messages sent to you in a format of your choice - .RA, .WAV or.MP3